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Software 5.0XT: Extending your possibilities

By October 31, 2020February 28th, 2022Software Updates

Third major software global release in 2020 for the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP): the new version 5.0XT.

This new software brings the ESP to a new level when dealing with corneo-scleral irregularities (e.g. PMD, Pinguecula). Also the DirectConnect functionality has been extended with five more labs with the goal of speeding up the ordering process.

  • Advanced Precision
    Exhaustive analysis of all corneal and scleral irregularities for an optimized lens prediction and haptic design.
  • DirectConnect
    This Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) feature allows for direct transmission of the Profilometry data of the eye and all lens data to your lab of choice. DirectConnect means increased accuracy of empirical fitting of specialty lenses. Bausch+Lomb, ScanFitPRO, AccuLens, X-Cel and AVT, have been added, in addition to BostonSight and Blanchard. This makes 7 in total, with more labs coming soon.

Eaglet Eye is always committed to continuously enhancing the ESP and its capabilities making it the most completed profilometer for specialty lens fitting. 2021 promises to be an exciting year for Profilometry!

Do you want to learn more about this new software? Watch our newest webinar on this release on Youtube.