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Taking Corneal Topography to a new level

Integrating fitting algorithms for more contact lens designs than ever before

Works with all scleral labs

The Eaglet-Eye ESP offers more features than any previous profiler. Our revolutionary topographer is the first to offer profiling, not only of the cornea, but also right across the limbus and over a large portion of the sclera.

But it isn’t just the unprecedented 20mm diameter of measurement that’s causing such excitement in the world of optometry. The measuring accuracy of the ESP is such that practitioners can now generate 3D ‘height maps’ of the eye’s surface in astonishing detail.

Imagine the impact on your practice:
  • You’ll be able to identify sooner which type of contact lens will be the best fit
  • The fitting process will be much shorter, saving your patients time and inconvenience
  • Lenses will be more comfortable than your patients believed possible
  • More of your patients will be attracted to contact lens wearing, even those with acute eye conditions
  • You’ll have more patients, happier patients … and patients you’ll keep for life

Revolutionise your patients’ eye-care experience and your ophthalmic practice with the Eye Surface Profiler from Eaglet Eye:

The ESP – What’s New

ESP Benefits

  • Perfect contact lens fit after one appointment
  • More comfortable lenses
  • Reduced patient chair time
  • Allows provision of 5 contact lens sizes
  • Better customer retention
  • Profiles surface of all eye types
Care & Support

Before using the ESP, make sure you read the manual carefully. Ask your local licensed dealer for a copy of the manual or email us asking for a copy Thorough training is essential.

ESP Specification

Please click on the button below to read the full technical specifications for the ESP from Eaglet Eye.

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