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Welcome to the Specialty Lens Success podcast produced by Eaglet Eye

Join us as we sit down with industry-leading experts who share their pearls of wisdom on marketing, practice management, and beyond. Delving into the narratives of their careers, each episode offers a rich tapestry of experience that will resonate with you, prompting reflection on your own professional journeys.

But that’s not all. In each episode, you can expect to glean invaluable knowledge and discover innovative approaches to building and sustaining specialty lens practices. We’re not just scratching the surface – we’re diving deep into the strategies and tactics that drive success.

From discussions with experts and vendors specializing in coding, practice management, and practice marketing, to insights on cutting-edge technologies like the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP), we cover it all. While the ESP may make an appearance and offer valuable insights, our focus remains squarely on delivering comprehensive guidance for your practice growth and development.

Tune in to the Eaglet Eye Podcast and unlock a wealth of expertise that will propel your specialty lens practice to new heights.

Podcast Episodes

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