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Software 5.0: Eaglet Eye redefines Profilometry

By June 17, 2020February 28th, 2022Software Updates

New Breakthrough Software: We are thrilled to announce a major global release of the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) software version 5.0. The new image processing algorithms deliver up to 50% more of the scleral surface. In addition, Eaglet Eye has added several new advanced features including, new improved First Lens Fit algorithms, new DirectConnect functionality and other data and capability improvements.

This new software now captures a larger and better image of the sclera, a real advantage when designing larger lenses, as well as with advanced pathologic eyes or dry eyes. The core data improvement translates to more detailed images, more data and improved First Lens Fit algorithms.

In addition, this new ESP software now features DirectConnect™ , allowing one-touch ordering between the user and their preferred lab. At launch, DirectConnect will include two leading labs with more to follow.

We feel that this new version will dramatically redefine the quality, accuracy and ease of fit when utilizing advanced profilometry.

Do you want to learn more about this new software? Here you can watch a webinar on our YouTube channel