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NEW ESP software Prime 6.1: more lenses, more labs

By March 9, 2022Software Updates

First software global release in 2022 for the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP): Prime 6.1. This new software takes the capabilities of the ESP to new worldwide heights as it has added more lens designs, integrated more First Lens Fit algorithms, and boosted DirectConnect:

  • Art Optical (US) with the Ampleye scleral lenses.
  • Bausch + Lomb UK (UK) with the complete range of Zenlens scleral lenses.
  • CooperVision Specialty EyeCare No7 (UK) connecting the Onefit MED Fitting Tool from Europe.
  • GAUDÍ (US) a new free form lens manufactured exclusively by Valley Contax.
  • mark’ennovy (ES) and their customized soft lenses Saphir Rx.
  • MedLac (IT) with the SLC Adapta, the first free form scleral lens in Europe. MedLac also distributes Zenlens for B + L.
  • OptiForum (PT), one of the official distributors for Zenlens (B + L).
  • UCO Contact Lenzen (NL) with the DRL lens for orthoK treatment, as well as with the Zenlens product range in distribution.
  • Valley Contax (US), the lab behind the Custom Stable scleral lenses.
Prime 6.1 ESP Software connects these labs to the ESP
Prime 6.1 ESP Software connects these labs to the ESP

The ESP DirectConnect feature allows for direct transmission of the Profilometry data of the eye and all lens data to your lab of choice, increasing the speed and accuracy of fitting scleral lenses.

Prime 6.1 keeps on bringing all the innovation from the specialty lenses into the ESP. One complete solution.