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Eaglet Eye releases ESP software Prime: One Complete Solution

By October 7, 2021March 9th, 2022Software Updates

The Eaglet Eye team is very excited to announce the major global release of Prime, the new software for the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP). With a new Profilometry based myopia management module, Prime provides unprecedented power to all specialty lens fitters.

The new OrthoK clinical application assists in tracking eye shape changes over time with a comprehensive and intuitive software. A wide selection of data and maps allow simple and precise patient follow up to identify the best myopia management strategy for each patient.

ESP Ortho Difference maps

Included with Prime is also an exclusive First Lens Fit algorithm especially designed for Paragon CRT® lenses (Paragon, CooperVision Specialty EyeCare): an automatic lens prediction based on Profilometry data for a quick and easy lens fitting process.

In addition, the new ZoneControl™ feature has been launched to support more custom scleral lens fitting. ZoneControl offers the practitioner complete freedom to adjust the apical and the mid-peripheral clearance for an optimal tailor-made fit. An essential tool for scleral lens fitting!

Also the number of lenses has been extended with new free-form lens designs: BostonSight SCLERAL Smart360™ technology uses corneo-scleral profilometry for a truly custom scleral lens fit, and MAXIM 3D (AccuLens) a completely crafted MAXIM lens utilizing Profilometry Data.

Prime brings a significant advancement in Profilometry based specialty lens fitting and takes the ESP to new heights. It is a unique software designed for every specialty lens fitter, one complete solution. It’s time for Prime.

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