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Episode 006: Brian Tompkins on the Patient Experience

By October 31, 2023Podcast
Episode Show Notes

Today we are going to the United Kingdom where our guest, Brian Tompkins, BSc (Hons), FCOptom, FBCLA, is going to share with us many of the elements that make his practice so successful.

Even though the optometric market in the UK is somewhat different than the US, you will find many of the programs he has put in place are similar to successful US practices. But, there are some new twists! Today you will hear about how a 134-year-old Victorian building, a 7,000 £ coffee machine, concierge service, social media, high technology, talented doctors and great people providing great service combine to make the magic of one of the most successful practices in England.

Brian’s practice, Tompkins Knight & Son Optometrists, was founded in 1868 and is located in North Hampton about 70 miles northwest of the heart of London. Brian will tell you that the success of the practice is a team effort supported by his co-director, Nicky Tompkins, two associate optometrists – Keyur Patel and Debra Grant – and finally his dedicated staff.

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Admit it, you are most curious about that 7,000 £ coffee machine. OK! Then listen in to learn more about it.

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