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How I Managed to Do 25 Additional Specialty CL Fits in ’23, Generating $60K More in Revenues

By July 8, 2024In the Press, News

Technology to up your specialty CL game.

By Ryan Cazares, OD

Investing in new technology can be daunting for eye care professionals. Is the investment worth it? Will it help you attract and retain more patients? Will it make your fittings faster and more profitable?

With the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) on your side, the answer is “yes!” The ESP has significantly enhanced patient care, improved patient experience, and increased profitability for many optometrists. One such success story comes from a dedicated optometrist, Ryan Cazares, who saw a remarkable transformation in his practice after acquiring the ESP.

In 2022, I did 33 scleral fits. It was mid-year when we started using the Eaglet [ESP]. In 2023, with a full year of the Eaglet, I did 58 fits! The revenue generated from the 25 extra fits not only paid for the instrument, it brought in double!

The 25 additional fits generated an additional $60,000. I anticipate that in 2024 we will do another 20 on top of that after I make the services and technologies we offer known to more local practices.

Ryan Cazares, OD

Dr. Cazares’ story is truly inspiring and gives you a real-life example of how using the right equipment for fitting specialty contact lenses can have a positive impact on your practice.