Case Report: Alan Kwok

Designing a PROSE device with the Eye Surface Profiler

Dr. Alan Kwok

Dr. Alan Kwok O.D. is a clinician at BostonSight who provides PROSE treatment to patients with complex ocular surface diseases. He was previously a faculty member of the New England College of Optometry specialising in contact lens education.


The patient is a 62-year-old male with keratoconus OU. He is a long -time corneal GP wearer and uses INTACs combined with a corneal cross-linking treatment in OS. In addition, there is a history of recurrent corneal erosions in his left eye that were treated with a phototherapy keratectomy (PTK).

He visited BostonSight after being recently fitted with other scleral lenses that were tight fitting and had poor comfort that limited his wearing time to only a couple of hours a day.