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Fitting Atlantis Quad Specific Scleral Lens

Case Report: Reinier Stortelder

Scleral fit on post Radial Keratotomy eye

Case Report: Tom Arnold

BostonSight SLERAL-IG Revolution: Profilometry based fit for large lens

Case Report: Barry Leonard

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Feathering the Nest

VIDEO (English) : Brian Tompkins

Contour Driven Contact Lens Design

VIDEO (English) : Dr. Jerome A. Legerton

Fitting Mini-Scleral Lenses

VIDEO (Dutch) : Kees Broos

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Back-Surface Toric Scleral Lens Stabilization as a Fuction of the Amount of Toricity

Poster: Javier Rojas, Javier Sebastián, Reinier Stortelder.

Designing a scleral lens with two recesses to avoid two pingueculae

Poster: Bradley Richlin

Custom scleral lens fitting

Poster: Alex Gibberman

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