Case Report: Brian Tompkins

Bitoric Zenlens

Brian Tompkins

Brian Tompkins (TK&S, Northampton, UK) is highly respected throughout the contact lens industry and is an expert on imaging and fitting. His innovative lectures are motivating practitioners all over the world to step up their game. Bausch + Lomb recently introduced new versions of the Zenlens scleral lens. Which allows the practitioner to design and adjust the lens like it is a fully customized lens. We are fortunate to work with Brian Tompkins who is the first practitioner to use this Lens.


The subject is a 25 year old male, diagnosed with nystagmus, binoculair amblyopia and a high astigmatism following the rule. Due to the nystagmus it can get quite complicated to get a good quality image. His latest Refractive errors measure OD S-2.50 C-5.50 x 180 VA 6/30 ; OS S-1.00 C-5.50 x 180 VA 6/30.  The elevation map is gathered through taking a measurement with the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP, Eaglet Eye).