Case Report: Ilse Flux

Artificial intelligence softlens fitting

Ilse Flux

Ilse Flux is an optometrist for Eaglet-Eye. She received her Bachelor of Science in Optometry in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Following her BA, she achieved a Master (Msc) degree at Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland. After returning to the Netherlands she gained clinical experience working in Amstelland Hospital as an optometrist. Currently she is working as professional affairs manager for Eaglet Eye.


A 50-year-old high myopic male is currently wearing glasses. He has tried RGP and soft lenses before but was not satisfied. Current refractive error is OD S-7.50 C-0.75 x 95 / OS S-7.25 C-0.50 x 3. Patient is known with a scotoma in the right eye due to an optical nerve lesion and is keen on trying soft lenses again.