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Eaglet Eye Announces A New Software Release: Mastering Multimodality in Specialty Lenses

Eaglet Eye is proud to announce the global release of a new software for the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP): Prime 6.4 Multimodal.

Designed to streamline and improve the efficiency of specialty lens fitting, these are the key features of this new software:

  • Mastering Multimodality in Specialty Lenses: Dedicated space for each lens modality – sclerals, orthok, corneal GP, custom soft and hybrid – empowering users with intuitive navigation and improved features.
  • Lens diameter overlay: Instantly visualize lens diameter and fit axis on maps for precise fitting optimization.
  • Photopic Pupil: Display dark condition pupil representation for accurate assessments.
  • Enhanced Zenlens ESP Algorithms: Simplified selection and improved accuracy in lens fitting.
  • Quality Check Support: Visual overlays aiding assessing the measurements quality.

Arnie Snepvangers, CEO of Eaglet Eye, expressed enthusiasm for the launch of the ESP SW Prime Multimodal: “Our ESP has become a game-changer in specialty lens fitting, and we remain committed to enhancing its capabilities to provide the best support for every practitioner”.


Specialty Lenses integrated in the ESP – more coming soon: