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The Invention

The origins of the revolutionary ESP (Eye Surfacing Profiler) date back to the mid-1980s and a Dutch technical and scientific photographer, Dr Frans Jongsma.

Frans’s first profiler was, in fact, designed to measure micro density in teeth, up to an acuity of 5mc. He named it the Maastricht Shape Topographer. The next challenge was to convert the topographer into an optometric version. He worked with skilled technicians, programmers and ophthalmologists from around the world. By 1998, he had developed his eye profiling device and had identified its clinical potential. However, at this point, he had no idea that it would revolutionise the world of contact lenses.

It would be another 15 years before Eaglet-Eye came up with the commercial vision needed to bring it to market.

Frans is now rightly proud of the difference his invention has made to those for whom contact lenses had previously been uncomfortable or unsuitable. The benefit to both patients and practitioners of the Eye Surface Profiler has been almost incalculable.

The Design

Realising the potential to revolutionise the contact lens industry.

The job of turning Dr Frans Jongsma’s laboratory version of the Eye Surface Profiler into the functional and beautiful device that it is today, fell to Leonoor Beukers.

His brief was to come up with an outstanding design that would be:

Functional – it would be as brilliantly accurate and reliable as the original version
User Friendly – it would be easy for practitioners to understand and to use
Attractive – it’s design would be modern and timeless and would look great in any ophthalmic practice
Distinctive – it would be forever recognisable as the Eaglet-Eye ESP – the unique and unassailable market leader

After months of rigorous, unrelenting working and re-working of the design, Leonoor came up with the current, final look – a smooth, sleek, gently curved object of beauty.  But the ESP is much more than a faceless machine.  Leonoor has used his creative skills to give it character; every patient using the ESP will see before them a caring, friendly face.  The Eye Surface Profiler is destined to become a true design icon in its own right.

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