Case Report: Reinier Stortelder

Fitting Atlantis Quad Specific Scleral Lens

Reinier Stortelder

Reinier Stortelder is an optometrist with a degree from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in the Netherlands. He has more than 10 years of experience fitting contact lenses with a focus on scleral lenses, orthokeratology and soft specialty lenses in private practice. He also gained experience in corneal and refractive surgery with his focus on the preoperative imaging devices. Reinier has lectured internationally on specialty contact lenses. Currently he is employed by Eaglet Eye in the Netherlands and has his main focus on research in ocular shape and its implications for fitting all types of contact lenses. He is both working closely with practitioners and with lens manufacturers in the pursuit of optimal lens solutions for healthy and more challenging eyes.


The patient is a 64 year old male with dry eyes. Rx: S-3 = C-3×70. A Profilometry measurement has been made of the patient’s eye using the Eye Surface Profiler (Eaglet Eye, The Netherlands).