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Eaglet Eye DirectConnect Series


This webinar series is dedicated to the DirectConnect™ feature of the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP). Hosted by expert specialty lens fitters, each webinar focuses on the direct connection between the ESP and the specific lab. Learn from the bests how to maximize the powerful combination of the ESP and the lab of your choice. Because with the ESP, you choose the lens.

DirectConnect is a key feature of the ESP. It enables for direct ordering of the lenses by the lab of your choice, increasing the speed and accuracy of your fitting process. With the push of a button, the complete corneo-scleral Profilometry data is transferred to the lab’s lens design software or sent directly to their consultation team. This seamless ordering process reduces the time patients spend in your office and streamlines the communication with the lab.

DirectConnect with ACCULENS with Dr Alex Gibberman

The DirectConnect feature allows the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) to connect directly to AccuLens: with just the push of a button the complete ESP-Profilometry data is transferred to AccuLens, where a free-form MAXIM 3D is designed to precisely fit that corneal and scleral shape. We like to keep things simple and efficient.

In this webinar Dr Alex Gibberman shares his personal experience on using the powerful combination of the ESP and the MAXIM 3D to improve patient outcome and shorter overall chair time.

Alex Gibberman

DirectConnect with Bausch+Lomb Zenlens with Dr Jason Jedlicka

The Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) corneo-scleral data helps customizing all Bausch+Lomb Zenlens scleral lenses including the unique Zenlens with bi-elevation. Precise designing of the SAG and the landing zone, APS and toricity and an easy way to design Microvaults to avoid impingement on pinguecula.

In this webinar Dr Jason Jedlicka, the co-designer of Zenlens scleral lenses, provides a comprehensive overview of the Zenlens designs and fitting techniques based on Profilometry data with the ESP.
Jadon Jedlicka

DirectConnect with Valley Contax with Dr Aaron Wolf

The new GAUDÍ freeform scleral lenses, by Valley Contax, accurately match the shape of the eye. Gaudi has the newest technology to use data directly from the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) and gives tremendous flexibility in designing lenses for patients with High Order Aberrations.

In this webinar Dr Aaron Wolf tells us how the fitting process is significantly simplified with the use of the ESP Profilometry measurements and Gaudi freeform scleral lenses.
Aaron Wolf

DirectConnect with EYEPRINT Prosthetics with Dr Tiffany Andrzejewski

ScanFitPRO combines  Elevation Specific Technology and Profilometry data from the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) to maximize accuracy. Once the patient’s eye is captured with the ESP scanning technology, the corneo-scleral topography data is transferred into the ScanFitPRO software to customize a ScanFitPRO lens.

In this webinar Dr Tiffany Andrzejewski shows how the direct connection between these two unique technologies gives her the power to design a custom lens based on the patient’s unique ocular profile without diagnostic lens fitting, enhancing design accuracy and fast-tracking the fitting process.

Tiffany Andrzejewski

DirectConnect with BostonSight with Dr Barry Leonard

BostonSight SCLERAL’s Smart360 technology uses corneo-scleral Profilometry to harness the power of digital free form lens design. Scan data from the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) is directly transferred into FitConnect® design and ordering software for an efficient and precise custom scleral lens fit.

In this webinar Dr Barry Leonard shares his personal experience using the powerful combination of the ESP with BostonSight SCLERAL’s Smart360 technology.

Barry Leonard

DirectConnect with WAVE with Dr Sheila Morrison

A new connection between the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) and the WAVE Contact Lens System is available now. By importing the ESP corneo-scleral data into WAVE’s software platform you are able to empirically design fully customized scleral lenses. You can easily import the ESP data with a click of a button and use the endless possibilities of the WAVE contact lens design software.

In this webinar Dr Sheila Morrison shares with us how using this new connection between the ESP and WAVE’s Contact Lens System can help you improve efficiency and outcome.

Sheila Morrison

DirectConnect with Paragon CRT with Dr Rolando Ortiz

Paragon CRT® (CooperVision SEC) was the first FDA approved lens for overnight use; the pioneering lens design that helped set the standard for OrthoK worldwide. Having real data of the complete cornea is essential to design orthokeratology lenses. Now the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP), by measuring the whole cornea limbus-to-limbus, in a single shot, brings that extra bit of data needed for a perfect fit.

n this webinar Dr Rolando Ortiz shares with us how he uses the ESP algorithms to select the initial CRT lenses, and the ESP corneal maps to assess the fit and track the refractive changes.