Case Report: Cian Gildea

Fitting Hybrid lenses based on sagittal height

Cian Gildea

Cian Gildea completed his bachelor degree at the Dublin Institute of Technology where he gained his BSc Optom with honors. During his course, 6 months were spent at the university of Houston expanding his knowledge on contact lenses. He is currently working as a clinical optometrist at the Wellington Eye Clinic in Dublin, Ireland. The Wellington Eye Clinic is a laser and refractive practice, with a special interest in corneal cross linking. Mr Gildea has a strong interest in specialty contact lenses and their application for irregular corneas.


Male 49 years old, diagnosed with a keratoconus grade 3+ in his left eye. Current lens is pressing on the top of the cornea and needs to be replaced. VA with the lens is 6/15 (logMAR 0.4). Patient presented a pinguecula on both of the eyes. It was decided to use a hybrid lens to provide the visual acuity of a rigid lens and the comfort of a soft lens. The aim for the soft skirt was to drape over the pinguecula and prevent irritation.