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DirectConnect with EyePrint PROSTHETICS

Customizing scleral lenses just got easier: with Profilometry data

ScanFitPRO combines  Elevation Specific Technology and Profilometry data from the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) to maximize accuracy. Once the patient’s eye is captured with the ESP scanning technology, the corneo-scleral topography data is transferred into the ScanFitPRO software to customize a ScanFitPRO lens.

In this webinar Dr Tiffany Andrzejewski will show how the direct connection between these two unique technologies gives her the power to design a custom lens based on the patient’s unique ocular profile without diagnostic lens fitting, enhancing design accuracy and fast-tracking the fitting process.

WEBINAR – DirectConnect to EyePrint PROSTHETICS
August 31, 2022 | 8:00 – 8.45 pm (EST)

Tiffany Andrzejewski
DirectConnect with ScanFit PRO