You can sell your keratometer

By July 8, 2016February 15th, 2021News

A recent article written by Langis Michaud OD MSc FAAO (Dipl) FSLS from the university of Montréal demonstrates that the diameter of a lens has become more important than the base curve measurement.

In the article Dr. Michaud makes the unmistakable link between the actual fit of a contact lens and discomfort (Click here to read article). The mechanical impact induced by a contact lens that does not have an optimal fit, can trigger a chain of reaction depending on how sensitive a patient is.

The integrity of the ocular surface is often affected especially when taking in to account a longer period of contact lens wear.

Dr. Michaud and many other opinion leaders, start to come to a consensus about this underestimated part of contact lens fitting and the way we match the geometry of the ocular surface to a certain lens design (BCR).

For many years, the industry has taught us to rely heavily on base curve measurements. Now has come the time to reconsider the way contact lenses are fitted and allow new insights and technologies to achieve better results.

More precise instruments like the Eye Surface Profiler provide very accurate height data of the ocular surface.

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