The ESP gains recognition from Jerry Legerton in RCCL article

By July 22, 2014June 13th, 2016In the Press

Slow growth in the contact lens industry, could the ESP be the answer?

Our most recent accolade comes from Jerry Legerton, in his recent article for RCCL, entitled ‘Finding the Perfect Fit’.

The article references the 2002 study by Mark Andre et al, which highlights that although up to 50% of patients would benefit from customised contact lenses, only 10% of lenses are in fact made to order.

This point alone provides huge evidence as to why up to 4 million patients start wearing soft lenses each year, with just as many are dropping out soon after – equating to a less than 2% growth trend in the industry. The most common reasons for this high drop out rate include patient discomfort, low grade inflammation and poor advice regarding alternative lenses.

The piece goes on to reference the ESP as the solution to this problem – being less time consuming than using a diagnostic set but still yielding the same results – which primarily are to allow for precise contour measurements for soft lens prescriptions.

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