Software 3.0 : A brand new look and feel

By July 16, 2015February 15th, 2021News

The Eaglet Eye Team is proud to introduce the completely upgraded user interface in Software Release 3.0, as part of our ongoing commitment to customer feedback and continued development of the Eye Surface Profiler.

New User Interface

Our Design Team have been working very hard to create a completely new look for the user interface. Software 3.0 includes a comprehensive update in terms of usability and navigation, as well as faster response times and an all new look & feel.

Spheric and Toric Lens Design Module

The lens design module enables eye care professionals to create and assess the fit of a lens design. The user can populate curvature values and sagittal height data for multiple zones. After clicking the ‘calculate’ button, these values will be displayed across the following lens design options: fit; lens; and fluorescein simulation – helping the practitioner to gain a stronger understanding of the shape of the eye.

In Software Release 3.0 it is now possible to design lenses for highly astigmatic eyes!

Centration Tracker

With the help of the centration tracker, it has now become even easier to get a very precise centration of the patient’s eye for the best results!