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GSLS Eaglet Eye Sessions

Build and grow your specialty lens practice

Breakfast Talk:  Thursday, January 19  |  7:30 – 7:55 AM

With Dr Murray Johnson and Dr John Samsssedi.

In today’s eye care environment, patients are looking for specialty services and products that go beyond what they might find at other practices. One key asset that can help you grow your patient base and stand out from the competition is specialty contact lenses.

In this session we will discuss practice management strategy on the subject of specialty contact lenses: how do I build a specialty lens practice or efficiently incorporate these lenses into my practice? How can technology become the catalyst in this transformation? What are best practice methods to differentiate yourself effectively?

The Future Of Specialty Lenses Is NOW

Breakout session:  Thursday, January 19  |  1:30 – 2:30 PM

With Dr Melissa Barnett (Moderator), Dr Barry Leonard, Dr Sheila Morrison and Dr Chris Sindt.

Some 10-15 years ago there were only very few specialized practitioners fitting these lenses and a few laboratories producing them. Now, specialty lenses are much more ‘mainstream’ and multiple manufacturers offer very innovative designs and technologies to solve many different ocular conditions and diseases.

In this session we will discuss all the innovative technologies that are available already now and are transforming specialty lens fitting: Highly customizable scleral, orthoK, RGP and soft lenses; wavefront correction; centered and decentered multifocal optics; corneo-scleral orthoK; empirical fitting; corneo- scleral Profilometry and instrument-based fitting; and much more.

Dr Murray Johnson

Dr John Samssedi

Dr Melissa Barnett

Barry Leonard

Dr Barry Leonard

Sheila Morrison

Dr Sheila Morrison

Dr Christine Sindt

Join our sessions at the GSLS 2023 to familiarize yourself with the power of Profilometry. Fitting specialty lenses becomes easier, with better patient experience and fewer refits. 

We were at GSLS 2023 in Las Vegas, the leading global contact lens conference.  With delegates from dozens of countries this 4-day conference focused on the successful management of ocular conditions using today’s specialty contact lenses.