Measure up to 20mm of the front surface of the eye

By May 3, 2013June 13th, 2016In the Press, News

The ESP is the first instrument to measure up to 20mm of the front surface of the eye, covering all of the cornea and a large part of the sclera (conjunctiva). ESP calculates both curvature and sagittal height, using over 250,000 measurement points to map a true topography of the eye.

Sagittal height is recognized as an important parameter for fitting scleral lenses and it is becoming an ever more important factor in contact lens fitting.

In a recent article published in GlobalCONTACT, Eef van der Worp stated “sagittal height may become the new standard in soft lens fitting, as it seems to be a much more relevant parameter compared to other variables. Radius and curvature may become obsolete in the future.”

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