Landmark News for Eaglet Eye : The ESP is Launching in the USA!

By January 12, 2015June 13th, 2016News

The Eaglet Eye team has an exciting month ahead as we prepare for the USA launch of our Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) in January 2015!

This is a landmark period for the ESP and our entry into the US has the support of key members of the eye care community, including Dr. Pat Caroline, Dr. Langis Michaud and Dr. Mary Jo Stiegemeier.

In line with our launch, we have set up the ‘Early Adopters Program’ for new customers, which provides exclusive benefits – such as six months of exclusivity in your locality, the opportunity to be one of the first eye care professionals to work with this ground-breaking technology and the opportunity to contribute to research and case-studies for the device – as well as a number of other features.