Exciting new software updates in Software Release 2.7

By May 2, 2015June 13th, 2016Uncategorized

We are pleased to announce that the ESP has undergone several new software updates in recent months, as part of our ongoing commitment to customer feedback and continued development of the device.

Upgrade Highlights

Lens Design Module
The lens design module enables eye care professionals to create and assess the fit of a lens design. The user can populate curvature values and sagittal height data for multiple zones. After clicking the ‘calculate’ button, these values will be displayed across the following lens design options: fit; lens; and fluorescein simulation – helping the practitioner to gain a stronger understanding of the shape of the eye.

Networked ESP Deployment / Remote Database
The ESP software now enables the users to open their databases on networked laptops and computers within their practice.

User Forum
Patient measurements can now easily be uploaded to our user forum, which enables the users to share advice, case stories and questions on data interpretation.

Keratoconus Prediction Index
This new parameter detects asymmetry in the corneal curvature and attributes weighted factors in a complex formula, resulting in a prediction percentage.

Please note that KPI can only assist in the assessment process and can never diagnose keratoconus.

Patient Report Improvements
The patient report displays an overview of the main maps and parameters for both eyes on one page.