Customizing the Eye

By July 8, 2016February 15th, 2021News

The symbiosis between contact lens design and cornea topography.

An important question to consider is – at  what point do we call a contact lens “custom-made”?

There are no really fixed rules within the industry to answer this question. We believe that the more parameters used, the closer a contact lens becomes to being fully “custom-made”.

And the forward-thinking soft contact lens manufacturer mark’ennovy is leading the pack in understanding the benefits of improved eye surface measurement parameters. Where others stop, they are pushing the limits – resulting in a greater choice and combinations than ever seen before.

Eaglet Eye and mark’ennovy are working closely together – having co-hosted eight seminars across the Netherlands this year.

The goal of the seminars is to assist independent opticians who are now looking for new ways to run their contact lens practices – using up to date technology and manufacturing techniques.

The seminars demonstrate new insights on corneal topography and lens fitting methods.

But fitting contact lenses starts with getting a grip on the geometry of the eye. That is where the Eye Surface Profiler comes in.

Many of the measurement data from the ESP is transferred into the lens design tool for the mark’ennovy lenses, helping and advising the ECP’s to get to a better and quicker first fit. Because we care about every individual eye, we care about precision and detail and we go beyond the boundaries of the current market.